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EmneInnlegg: Wicca

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Innlegg: Wicca
Publisert: 16.Jun.2007 kl. 20:33 Av Irilar
Publisert første gang av z

Dette er alt du trenger i vite om Wicca

HaHa! pent! "Fluffybunnies" er ekstremt passende. Forøvrig vil jeg anbefale alle små magiker/heksespirer å lese om how not to end up in a tinfoil hat.

"Whatever else we may be or have the potential to become, here and now we are finite creatures with finite resources. Time and effort spent working magic is time and effort that cannot be applied elsewhere. Time and effort spent repeatedly undertaking workings that don’t work or engaging in practices that are of no utility is time and effort wasted.

Worse still, failure to realistically evaluate results can permit actively toxic processes to flourish. For a start, ritual can all too easily become an avoidant tactic, a doing-things flavoured way of not doing things. On a personal level, this manifests as a tendency to prioritise ritual over the more practical steps required to solve one’s problems or improve one’s situation. Absolutely you’ll finish your maths homework – the very minute your academic success servitor is activated. Of course you’ll spend some time on your personal grooming and self-care – after you’ve written a few more pages of your Get A Girlfriend narrative hypersigil. Yes, you’ll fill in that application form – just as soon as you’ve finished this ritual to find the perfect job. You can hardly wait to spend a pleasant half-hour chatting with your honey – right after you’ve completed your Domestic Bliss working. (Repeat till unemployed.)"